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Riteish Deshmukh Shares a video of "Warrior Aaji" .


Radha Tiwary 

New Delhi, July 24 (HS) Riteish Deshmukh shared a video of an elderly woman's martial arts skills on social media on Thursday. The 75-year-old woman is from Pune and in order to sustain herself amid the Corona virus lockdown, she displays her skills on the streets and collects money for her family.

The video was first shared on Twitter by a user, and thereafter, Riteish retweeted the video in which the woman wore a mask and juggled two sticks with perfection. The actor asked about the contact details of her. 

Riteish wrote, "Warrior Aaaji Maa...Can someone please get me the contact details of her." 

Later, he informed that his team successfully connected with the woman.

"Thank you so much -we have connected with this inspiring warrior Aaji Maa - incredible story." reads his tweet.