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Bengal Governor writes protest letter to Mamata about her observations to PM ..


 Ankur Bhattacharya

Kolkata, July 28 (HS)  West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar has taken a 'strong exception' to yesterday's observations of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during her virtual meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and said he was 'stunned and shocked'.

In a two-page letter to the Chief Minister here this afternoon, the Governor verbally quoting from her (CM's) remarks at the meeting that 'there are some who do not cooperate despite holding constitutional post and keep harassing the state. It should not happen,'  said he has taken 'strong exception to this uncharitable, uinformed and unmerited stance'. 

"These are unbecoming of the position you hold," the Governor said adding, "Significantly you have not even once adverted anything like this in any manner to me anytime."  

Further stating that the 'observations' of the Chief Minister was 'bereft of any fact premise or foundation', the Governor in his letter stated that  'A  look at my communications to you and tweets would bear out my wholesome motivations, primacy ever being welfare of the people be it systemic destruction of railway and other public properties during anti CAA agitations, rampant corruption in Amphan Relief Distribution, hurdles in functioning of Inter Ministerial Central Team, alarming law and order scenario,oppressive police action against oppositions and many more'. 

Furthermore,the Governor stated that though he was not a 'stakeholder in politics', he had 'undoubted stakes in governance in the state' and as such he was ' required to be aware of State of Affairs as also Affairs of State'. 

Finally urging the Chief Minister to 'affirmatively respond to his umpteen suggestion to work in coordination',  the Governor said 'Let us shun the baggage of yesterday and take to work for betterment of people. I assure you my best cooperation in all positive and constructive endeavors this Constitution delineates for us'. 

Hindusthan Samachar