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Police to lead Covid-19 preventive measures in Kerala.


Kumar Chellappan

Kochi, Aug 04 (HS) Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the LDF Government are in a state of quandary as the number of persons testing positive for Covid-19 keep on increasing by the hour in the State. From Tuesday, it is the State Police which is leading from the front the Covid-19 preventive measures as per the orders of the Chief Minister.

A national daily, which is described as the English version of Deshabhimani (the CPI(M)’s Malayalam mouthpiece) made Vijayan and Shylaja write editorial page articles about the strategies they had chalked out to save the State from Covid-19.

On May 8th, the 100th day of the citing of the first Covid -19 case in Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan declared that the State has become Covid-free. “Kerala has shown great courage and resolve. Fought two waves and is ready if there is another wave. Years from now, we should be able to look back and take pride in how we responded to this,” Vijayan had said in a social media posting on May 8.

But the next wave of Covid-19 came like an avalanche. The numbers shot up to more than 1,000 patients per day. Vijayan started blaming the Vande Bharat Mission which brought the expatriates home from West Asia. Interestingly, the Kerala Government had pressurised the Centre to allow chartered aircraft to ferry the Keralites from Gulf countries. When the number of persons tested positive for Corona virus increased manifold, the Chief Minister in his televised press meets blamed the expatriates and Centre for the same.

The next stage saw the numbers shooting up through local transmission and the State administration was forced to declare the coastal regions of the capital city Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam district out of bounds for all people. On Monday, the chief minister blamed the negligence on the part of bureaucrats and health department officials for spike in the number of cases. He declared that from Tuesday the police would play the crucial role in controlling the disease.   

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