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103-year-old man turns hero, beats Corona virus.


Vishnu Sharmaa

Chennai, July 28, (HS) Dindigul in Tamil Nadu turned centre of attraction when 103-year-old resident of the city in Tamil Nadu won over Covid-19.


The elderly person who comes from Natham block in Dindigul tested positive on July 15 and was admitted to Dindigul GH the following day.


Natham block is a locality in Dindigul where many cases were reported. Meanwhile, sources at the hospital said that he did not have any issues like hypertension or diabetes and was asymptomatic during the first few days in the hospital.


However, he later developed breathlessness, fever and body ache. 


The dean of Dindigul Medical College and Hospital Dr K Vijay Kumar said that the senior citizen never required ventilator support even during the breathlessness state. 


His blood-oxygen level was low which posed a challenge, he said. The blood-oxygen level was made normal with help of high-flow oxygen therapy, said Dr Vijaykumar.


The elderly man was kept under observation soon after his blood oxygen levels returned to normal for three days. Recovery of this aged person is offering a ray of hope to other patients.

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