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Global deaths from Corona virus crosses 5 lakh mark ..


New Delhi, June 29 (HS) The global death toll from Covid-19 crossed 5 lakh mark on Sunday. The global epidemic seems to be emerging afresh in some countries, while other regions are still reeling under it. Respiratory disease caused by Corona virus is particularly dangerous for the elderly. However, the 501,000 fatalities and 10.1 million cases reported globally include adults and children too.

Health experts have expressed concern about the record number of new cases in countries like US, India and Brazil, as well as on renewed outbreaks in parts of Asia. On an average count from 1 to 27 June, more than 4,700 people are dying in every 24 hours due to the diseases associated with Covid-19, which is equivalent to the death of 196 people per hour or one person killed in every 18 seconds.

Figures reveal that nearly one-fourth of the deaths have been reported in the US alone. Recently, the southern and western states of the US have seen the huge surge in the number of new cases. US officials reported 44,700 new cases and 508 deaths on Sunday. The number of cases in Latin America is also increasing rapidly. On Sunday, the number of cases in South America exceeded Europe and the region has the highest number of people infected with the epidemic after North America.

The first death from Corona virus was recorded on January 9. The number of deaths from Covid-19 in just five months has surpassed the annual death rate from malaria, one of the deadliest infectious diseases. According to the World Health Organization 2018 data, the Corona virus death rate averaged 78,000 monthly, compared to 64,000 AIDS-related deaths and 36,000 deaths from malaria.

Hindusthan News / Rakesh Singh