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Corona killed 170 people in China, WHO decided to declare World Health Emergency.


Beijing, Jan 30 (HS): The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide. After starting from China, people in many countries of the world are getting infected with Coronavirus. Wuhan city of China remains the center of Corona. So far 170 people have died in China from Corona while more than 6000 people are infected. The World Health Organization has appealed to the governments of all the countries of the world to take immediate action to stop this.

The World Health Organization (WHO) called an emergency meeting about the worldwide infection of the coronavirus. It was discussed in the meeting whether a World Health Emergency should be declared regarding Corona. The coronavirus started in China. 1000 new Corona cases have been reported in China. Measures are being taken to prevent this at war level in China.

Wuhan city of China remains the center of Corona, while many other cities are also affected by it. In view of the increasing transition in China, many countries of the world have started airlifting citizens living there. While many countries have canceled flights to China. Many countries including America and Britain has advised its citizens not to go to China unless it is very important.

On Wednesday, the American airlifted 210 people living in China from their chartered plane. They were brought out of China and brought to California. Of these, 12 have been admitted to the hospital considering them suspicious. America, Britain, and Japan have instructed their citizens not to go to China.

Corona continues to wreak havoc in 18 countries of the world. In view of this, the World Health Organization convened an emergency meeting and discussed whether to declare the World Health Emergency on Corona. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO director-general in Geneva, said, "The report that has been received from around the world last week about Corona is very dangerous. We have decided to form an International Health Regulation Emergency Committee on this.

Michael Ryan, head of the World Health Organization, said, "The whole world needs to be alerted to the corona. The declaration of World Health Emergency will make the fight for it easier around the world. With this, 194 countries of the world will be able to compete against Corona simultaneously. At present, 18 countries of the world are affected by Corona.

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