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Sam Curran surprised by the criticism over Anderson: Curran.


Southampton, Aug 14 (HS) England's Sam Curran says he was shocked after the first Test against Pakistan due to criticism from veteran seamer James Anderson. 

Anderson appeared to be England's most dangerous bowler on the first day of the second Test at Southampton on Thursday, taking 2 wickets for 35 runs in 15 overs. As a result, Pakistan lost their five wickets for just 126 runs on the first day. With this, Anderson has taken 592 wickets in Test cricket and he is now just eight wickets away from becoming a bowler taking 600 wickets.

But Anderson took just one wicket in the first match of the series, and was made a scapegoat for England's back foot performance. However, England eventually won the match by three wickets.

After the match, Curran said, "He (Anderson) played really well. I was quite surprised by everything that was being done about him, he is a world class bowler and anyone who doubts him, is not sensible."
"He has proved how good he is and now he is going to take 600 wickets. I am sure he will get there," he said.

Hindusthan Samachar/Deepesh Sharma