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Indian Embassy in Beijing cancels all the programs on 26 January due to Coronavirus..


Beijing, Jan (HS): Due to the rapid infectious spread of Coronavirus, the Indian Embassy in Beijing has canceled all the programs scheduled for 26 January. 

The death toll from coronavirus has increased to 25 in Hubei, Wuhan, China. While 830 people have been infected so far. All public transport vehicles in Wuhan have been kept off the roads till further orders and precautionary measure, face masks are being used at airports in all major cities of China.

The Indian embassy in Beijing said on Twitter that all events scheduled for January 26 remained canceled due to virus outbreak.

A public advisory is issued stating that to Stay away from those who have symptoms of this disease. Avoid consuming non-vegetarian food and wear a mask always.

The international carnival scheduled to be held in  Hong Kong has been postponed until further notice. football tournament has also been kept on hold. All major cities in US, Japan, and China have sounded alert.

Hindusthan Samachar / Radha /Nagaraj Rao