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SSR case: Fadnavis questions reason for quarantine...


Radha Tiwary

New Delhi, Aug 04 (HS) Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, questioned the role of Mumbai Police in the handling of the case. Fadnavis said that such an act would create 'distrust' among the people about the investigation (of transparency).

Fadnavis wrote in a tweet, "It is really very strange that why Maharashtra Government is coming under unnecessary suspicion by not allowing Bihar Police to perform their duties. The movement of officers doing official public service can’t be stopped by putting them in quarantine in these testing times of #Covid-19 pandemic."

He Wrote in a another tweet, "A medical team from Kerala visited Mumbai, UP Police came to investigate Vikas Dubey case, a team from Bihar police is already working in Mumbai since 4 days but none of them were quarantined then why only an SP rank officer is treated differently?"

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