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Corona: Death toll in China crosses 1800, 71,336 people infected worldwide..


Beijing, Feb 18 (HS): Corona's havoc is rapidly rising in China. There is panic all over the world with the rising death figures from Corona (COVID-19). 31 provinces in China are affected by Corona. Among them, the infection is spreading in Hubei province's Wuhan city. o far more than 1900 people have died in China from Corona. While some people have also been discharged after treatment. While the total number of confirmed cases has reached 71,336 worldwide.

So far, 12,921 people have been discharged from the hospital after treatment, of which 11,145 people in China have recovered after treatment. Due to Corona, the condition of 11,298 people across the world remains critical. Of these, the condition of 11,272 people in China remains critical.

Among the people stranded on the cruise diamond princess standing on the coast of Japan, 6 Indians have also been found infected with the coronavirus. A statement issued by the Indian Embassy said that 4 Indian crew members suffering from Coronavirus are under treatment and their condition is stable. The Indian Embassy in Tokyo is in contact with Indians suffering from the Coronavirus. While sharing this information on Monday, the Indian Embassy said that we are constantly in touch with Indian patients.

The Indian the embassy had tweeted that the final medical investigation for COVID-19 on the ship will begin on February 17 and will last for several days. The Indian Embassy in Tokyo is ready to provide all possible help. 

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