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Young entrepreneur brings in contactless safe wash station to combat Covid -19.


Ankur Bhattacharya

Kolkata, July 31 (HS)  A city-based  export oriented corporate  giant today announced the launch of India's first 'efficient,cost-effective and contactless  Safe Wash Station as a foolproof safety solution for hand washing in the present Covid situation.                              
As the entire country is looking for such a product amid this global pandemic, the Kolkata based  leading manufacturer of  plastic tanks, crates, bins and PVC pipes, has bought in this unique hand-free, foot-operated durable product for residential, commercial, industrial, medical and other purposes.

Announcing the launch  Preeyam Budhia, President, Business Development, Patton Group here today said  in view of its usefulness, the new product would be supplied to various units of the Indian Army, Navy along with several hospitals, residential complexes and to the West Bengal State Agricultural Marketing Board, Royal Kolkata Golf Club and to a number of Corprate houses.               
"Amid this global pandemic and seeing the need for an efficient, safe, cost-effective solution for hand washing in this new normal, Patton decided to design, develop and debut the contactless safe wash station as a safety initiative," Budhia said.

Both the prototypes ,Regular Single Basin with 200 litres tank capacity and the Ultra Single Basin with 500 litres tank capacity, had received overwhelming positive response from all customers including the Army and the Navy. Both the models were launched today, Budhia said adding the 200-litres tank allowed  up to 300 hand washes per refill, while the 500-litres tank allowed up to 750 hand washes per refill.  

 Budhia has earlier launched a 'Sustainability Vertical' called ‘Embracing Green’ which focuses on innovation and water conservation initiatives such as Rainwater Harvesting, Ground Water Recharging, and Water-on-Wheels.

 Acording to her, it was the need of the hour to be prepared for a post-lockdown new normal. "Handwashing is crucial to winning this battle and our focus was on creating a solution that could be easily adopted by multiple sectors and industries," she said. 

Hindusthan Samachar