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Instagram memorialises Irrfan Khan's account.


New Delhi, July 07 (HS) Instagram memorialised actor Irrfan Khan who passed away on April 29 after a two-year-long fight with Neuroendocrine tumour. His Instagram account now holds a tag of ‘Remembering’and his ID has been officially converted into a memorialised account.

Now Irrfan Khan's account will be present on Instagram as a memento. No one can log into the account and no changes can be made to this account. Neither any post can be not uploaded nor can be deleted. The word ‘remembering’ will be seen on the profile under Irrfan's name. Irrfan had 7 lakh 97 thousand followers on his account. He used to follow about 30 people. He had posted 73 posts in his Instagram account.

Hindusthan Samachar / Radha Tiwary