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London: Boris Johnson Signs Brexit Deal..


London, Jan 25 (HS): Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the Brexit Deal. After signing it, Johnson said it was the result of the 2016  referendum. After this, the debate that has been going on for years will come to an end. It is noteworthy that the document will now be sent to Brussels where it will print three copies for the UK. The original copy will be kept in the archive of the European Union.

After January 31, an 11-month transition period has been kept. Britain will no longer be a member of the European Union,  but will follow its rules and contribute to the budget. The transition period has been kept so that Britain and the EU can discuss future relations, including trade agreements. The transition period will begin on February 1.

Earlier, British Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday (23 January) approved the British government's Brexit law. In November last year, Johnson in Brussels passed a bill on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. The bill will become law in the deadline of 31 January.


Hindusthan Samachar / Radha / Nagaraj Rao