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Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan hand in glove in gold smuggling case, alleges BJP..


Kumar Chellapan

Kochi, Sept 12 (HS) The gold smuggling scam took a new turn on Saturday morning, as Kerala BJP president K Surendran made a serious allegation that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is directly involved in the smuggling activities.

“Vijayan’s over enthusiasm in protecting higher education minister, KT Jaleel, who was interrogated by the Enforcement Directorate on Friday, confirms our doubts that the CM is hand in glove with Jaleel. That is the only reason why Vijayan is not sacking Jaleel from the council of ministers despite the latter being questioned by the ED,” Surendran told reporters at the capital city on Saturday morning.

Surendran lambasted Chief Minister Vijayan for the latter’s fear in taking action against a minister who was interrogated by the central agency for more than two hours. “It shows Vijayan has a prime role in this case. He is afraid of Jaleel because the latter knows lot of information about the CM’s illegal activities,” said the BJP leader.

He wanted Jaleel to tell the people of Kerala why the ED interrogated him. “It was not to find out his well being that the ED summoned him for questioning. As a minister sworn to the Constitution of India, Jaleel should come out and tell the people why did the ED summoned him?” said Surendran.

Elsewhere in Kerala, the BJUM, youth wing of BJP, is staging demonstrations and taking out processions to all government offices demanding the resignation/sacking of Jaleel from the council of ministers.

Surendran pointed out that Vijayan was having double standard in the issue of political morality. “When EP Jayarajan, a minister in his government had to face vigilance probe in connection with an offence, he was dropped from the ministry. M Sivsankar, who was found to be having liaison with Swapna Suresh, was instantly removed and suspended from government service. But Jaleel being questioned by the ED in connection with gold smuggling continues to be in the council of ministers. Isn't this hypocrisy of the highest order?” asked Surendran.   

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