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56 people died, 1975 sick, 324 people critical due to Corona virus in China..


Beijing, Jan 27 (HS):  The death toll due to the corona virus has reached 56 on Sunday in China and a total of 1975 people have been found suffering from it. It is being told that the condition of 324 of these people is critical, said the Chinese Health Administration.

The coronavirus, spread in China, has been described as a new type of pneumonia that has been named 2019-NCOV. The virus has killed 56 people in China so far. The National Health Commission has said that so far a total of 2684 people have fallen prey to it.

The center of the disease is being reported to 17 other cities of Wuhan and Hubei provinces, where the virus has killed most people. But now such cases are spreading rapidly in other provinces and cities of China including Beijing.

As of January 25, around 323 more people have been identified in Hubei Province infected with the virus. There have been reports of 13 more deaths here. A total of 1052 cases have been detected till January 25, of which 129 are in critical condition. Here 52 people have succumbed to death due to it.

China on Sunday announced that it would build another temporary 1300-bed hospital in Wuhan in the next 15 days. At present, a thousand-bed hospital is already being built in the city, whose work will be completed in ten days.

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