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UP Assembly may see eight new faces soon..


R Narayan

September 05( HS):  Uttar Pradesh  will see
eight new members in the state  Assembly
within two months if  by-elections are
held together with  Bihar  this year.

There are
reports  here on Saturday suggesting
that   vacant seats  in Uttar Pradesh may be filled during
October-November polls in the neighbouring state.

Assembly seats are vacant in the state for 
various reasons  and they are
vacant for more than sixth months.

Normally ,
vacancies are filled by the Election Commission within this period but it can
be delayed in special circumstances. Pandemics like Corona come under this

Of the
total, five vacancies have been caused by deaths . The House has 403 elective

cricketer Chetan Chauhan is one of those who has been a victim of Covid -19.He
died last month.

From cricket
ground he came to political field and was elected to the Assembly from Amroha.
Another minister in the state who has caused the vacancy is  Kamal Rani Varun. She represented Ghatampur
in Kanpur Dehat district.

Two other
seats for which elections are to be held include Bangarmau. Kuldeep Singh
Sengar who was elected from there was found guilty in a rape case and was given
life imprisonment. The  Election
Commission has to hold election there too.

by-election has been necessitated in another constituency due to
disqualification by the Supreme Court.

Son of
Samajwadi party leader Azam Khan  has
been disqualified by the  apex court  due  to
age factor. He had not reached the required age (25) to seek election and
allegedly submitted a false certificate.