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Singer Zubin Nautiyal distributes relief material to six thousand families..


Radha Tiwary 

New Delhi, Aug 02, (HS) Bollywood singer Zubeen Nautiyal along with his father Ram Sharan Nautiyal distributed ration kits to 6000 families in their village of Jaunsar Bawar in Uttarakhand, who have been affected by the ongoing Corona virus pandemic.

Photos of Zubeen giving ration to people on social media became viral. According to a report, most of these families depended on members working outside their villages in bigger cities, but were forced to come back home since the announcement of the lockdown. Jubin, along with his father decided to distribute ration kits to these families, which includes 20 kg of rice and 20 kg of atta (flour).

Jubin said, “Now we have to go further to share relief material. We have planned to cover 350 villages.” He also referred to the troubles caused by the weather. He added, “Somewhere the road is bad due to heavy rains and somewhere due to slipping of land, which is a big challenge for us. But we are following the schedule strictly in completing our plan.”

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