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Today is a historic day says Baba Ramdev after visiting Hanuman Garhi temple.


Ayodhya, Aug 05 (HS) : Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, who arrived in Ayodhya on August 4 ahead of the Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Mandir received grand welcome in the city. He will participate in the Ram Mandir foundation stone laying ceremony.

Baba Ramdev visited the Hanuman Garhi temple on Wednesday morning and offered prayers. During this, he described today's moment as never forgetting and talked about the establishment of 'Ram Rajya' in the country.

Baba Ramdev said, "Today is a historic day. This day will be remembered for a long time. I believe that with the construction of the Ram Temple, a 'Ram Rajya' will be established in India. He said that a grand temple of Lord Rama is being built and we pray that the 'Ram Rajya' also comes."

He further said, "We have to honor our ancestors and respect our cultural heritage as well. We have to to make an effort in the present to build the supremely prosperous India by retaining the glory of the past."

He said that Ram is not just a person, he is our culture. He is also our ancestor and an avatar. Rama is also the leader of our Sanatan culture. Rama is patriotism.Baba Ramdev arrived in Ramnagari on Tuesday with other guests.

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