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A tribute to Ustad Baba Allauddin Khan ..


Manjunath Chavan


September 6
has a special significance for Hindustani music lovers. For, this was the day
in 1972 when the legendary Ustad Baba Allauddin Khan of Maihaar Senia Gharana,
breated his last. Remembering the legend on his death anniversary, Hindusthan
Samachar pays a tribute to the virtuoso.

A man of
immense talent, Allauddin Khan changed the cultural landscape of Hindustani
instrumental genre of music during his lifetime. Sarode player Ustad Ali Akbar
Khan, sitarist Pandit Ravishankar Surbahaar player Annapurna Devi and flautist
Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and a host of luminaries have one thing in common.
They are the proud legacy and touch bearers of Ustad Allauddin Khan and Maihar
Gharana of music.

Ustad Baba
Alluddin Khan, a colossal figure of Hindustani Instrumental Music genre remains
an enigma even 48 years after he passed away in 1972. Born on October 8, 1862
at Shivpur , Allauddin Khan was drawn to music at a very early
  age. His musical pursuit drew him to Calcutta.
Such was his passion to pursue a career in music, that he abandoned his wife on
the very first night of his marriage. 

Leading his life in penury he, learnt
from Gopal Krishna Bhattacharya, a musician of high repute in the 1870 s . He
mastered the art of playing different instruments during that period. Not
satisfied with what he had learnt, he was keen to learn from Wazir Khan, a
famed musician of the Senia ghrana believed to be the direct descendant of
Miyan Tansen and a court musician at Rampur.

Reaching out
to Ustad Wazir Khan was not an easy task. After a series of futile attempts to
meet him at Rampur , one fine day the young Allauddin flung himself in front of
the speeding chariot of Wazir Khan to draw the attention. Initially reluctant
to teach , Wazir Khan tested the temperament an skills of Allauddin and finally
accepted to teach him .The tutelage was no less than a penance. Long odd hours
of intense rigorous training , abuses, insults meant to shattering the ego was
all part of the lessons the young lad learnt apart from honing his skills in
the vast ocean of Music .

With years
of training , test of patience and upgrading of skills , the young man
Allauddin blossomed into a skilled player of various instruments -- stringed,
percussion or even western . He settled down as the court musician of Brijnath
Singh of Maihaar in 1917. It was no looking back since then as Allauddin Khan
toured the western world along with famed dancer Uday Shankar and his troupe in
1935. It was during this period that Ravishakar met Allauddin Khan who later
was to be his guru and father- in - law. 

Ravishankar arrived at Maihaar for his
tutelage few years later and married Alauddin Khan’s 14 year old daughter
Annapurna Devi , on 15th May 1941. While It was natural for Allauddinkhan to
teach music to his son Ali Akbar, he was reluctant to teach music to his
daughter Annapurna . But he also realised that she had all the core values of
life to learn , and imbibe the spiritually of music. Above all, Annapurna was
worthy to be accepted as a disciple.

Annapurna over
the years bloomed to be one of the finest Sitar and Surbahaar player while her
brother Ali Akbar flowered to be a top notch Sarode player. As the Maihar Senia
Gharana rose to name and fame, many highly talented youngsters trained at
Maihar to carry forward the legacy of the legend .

Menuhin, the legendary Western Classical Violinist, was spell bound by the
sheer purity and spirituality of the methods of Maihar Gharana. Slowly and
steadily the spiritual essence of Hindustani Instrumental Music genre began to
catch the attention of the Western world. In a sense , hitherto the
accompanying artist for main stream vocal music rightfully began to occupy the
centre stage as an instrument solo artist. It definitely was a paradigm shift.

In a brief
period Ustad Allauddin Khan had mentored world class musicians. From being a
teacher, mentor Allauddin Khan, court musician, Allauddin Khan had scaled the
pinnacle of success . From being a Ustad in Musical journey to be fondly known
as "Baba" , Allauddin Khan preached and practised , led a life that
was humble , humane, loving , compassionate, empathetic and simple in nature.

He was
conferred with many citations including Padma awards by the Government of
India. A documentary on his great contribution in music was commissioned
chronicling the important milestones in the annals of Indian Music . His
centenary in 1962 was celebrated with all the respect the centurion deserved .
A legend in his own life time, Baba Allauddin Khan breathed his last on 6th
September 1972 at Maihar .

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