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Meg Lanning expresses concern over preparations for Women's ODI World Cup 2021.


By Deepesh Sharma 

Melbourne, July 23 (HS) As the ICC Women's World Cup 2021 is inching closer and women's cricket is not being played across the world due to Corona virus pandemic. Australia women's cricket team captain Meg Lanning is concerned about the preparations for the prestigious tournament.
The ICC said in a statement on Monday, "The IBC Board (Commercial Assistant of the ICC) will continue to evaluate the situation in relation to being able to stage the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2021 in New Zealand in February next year. Meanwhile, planning for this event continues as scheduled." 
Lanning said, "It's something the ICC will have to weigh up in whether the tournament goes ahead. Will every team in the competition have the opportunity to prepare adequately for a World Cup? There are still a few teams that have to go through the qualifying process so I'm not sure how that will pan out."
Lanning said that as a player she want things to be equal and fair for all before heading to the elite competition.
"There are a few more decisions to be made around it rather than whether it can just go ahead or not. It's a pretty difficult position to be in, but as a player you want things to be as equal and fair as they can be heading into a big world tournament and I'm sure the organisers will make sure that happens," she said.
While Australia and New Zealand are scheduled to play each other in late September, and India are due to tour Australia in January, there is no other women's cricket currently in the calendar.