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US MP Warner says - Ban issued in Kashmir is a matter of deep concern


Washington, Oct
09 (HS):US Democratic MP Mark Warner has expressed concern over the sanctions
issued in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Warner is the vice president of the Senate India
Caucus. Warner wrote in a tweet that he is deeply concerned about the
restrictions on communication and movement of people in Jammu and Kashmir.

exhorted the Indian government that democratic values ​​should be followed and
people's participation in press, information and politics should be increased.
On August 5, Article 370 was repealed in Jammu and Kashmir and this territory
was divided into two Union Territories - Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. After
this action of the government, restrictions are going on in many places in the
state. However, the government said that most restrictions have been lifted in
most areas.

Warner wrote in a tweet, "I am aware of India's concerns on the issue of
security but I am very upset with the kind of communication and restrictions on
movement of people in Jammu and Kashmir." With this, he demanded the
government of India to lift the ban immediately. Senator Mark Warner of
Virginia is part of the Democratic Party, the party that has been demanding to
remove the restrictions imposed in Kashmir for a long time.

is the vice president of the Senate Democratic Caucus and the Senate
Intelligence Committee. His statement matters because he is the only leader
inside and outside the Senate who is considered a true admirer of India. The
Senate India Caucus is considered a very effective platform in the US
Parliament, with Warner as its vice-president. The India Caucus is the only
forum in the US Senate that has been set up for any country.