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Kashmir: Colleges reopens but students do not arrive, people also protest against the closure of shops


Srinagar, Oct.09 (HS):The Jammu and Kashmir Administration's efforts to open a college in the
valley on Wednesday failed because the students did not attend classes.

Students who
did not reach the school despite the efforts of the administration,Kashmir's
Divisional Commissioner Bashir Khan announced last week that the school would
be reopened in Kashmir on October 3 and the college on October 9. 

Officials said
that the staff reached the colleges but not the students. Despite the efforts
of the administration, students did not reach the schools.

fearing communication services and due to security reasons, families are not
sending their children to schools or colleges due to security reasons due to
the shutdown and communication services in most parts of the valley. Normal
life was disrupted throughout Kashmir on Wednesday.

vehicles in the city remained off the roads, but a heavy jam was seen at
Jahangir Chowk due to the movement of private vehicles.The shopkeepers also
protested by opening the shop till just 11 am.

The shopkeepers
opened their shops from early morning till about 11 am to register the protest
when the special status was withdrawn from the state.

Telephone Services are restored throughout the Valley, but mobile telephone
services and Internet services are suspended in most parts of Kashmir from
August 5.Congress boycotted the BDC election in Jammu and Kashmir, while on
Wednesday, the Congress Party (Congress) boycotted the Block Development
Council (BDC) election to be held on October 24 in Jammu and Kashmir. 

the Center, the Congress said that when the leaders of the opposition are under
house arrest and detention, who will contest the elections.

The National
Conference, PDP and separatist leaders have been under house arrest ever since
the central government ended Jammu and Kashmir's special state status on 5
August. Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah has been
arrested under the Public Safety Act (PSA).