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British airways cancels all flights to China...


Beijing, Jan 29 (HS): British Airways, the largest airline company in the United Kingdom, has banned all flight services related to China. On Wednesday, British Airways issued a statement informing about this.

Acting on the orders from the Ministry of External Affairs, an advisory has been issued on behalf of the British Airways that we have put all flights related to China to an immediate halt. The London airport receives flights mainly from Shanghai and Beijing in China, which has been suspended until further orders.

The impact of the coronavirus spread from China is visible all over the world. Many big countries including India and America are getting affected by this virus and are taking strict steps to avoid it. 
Coronavirus has spread in the world from the Hubei province of China. So far, more than 130 people have died due to this disease in China, while thousands of people are suffering from it. There are situations like medical emergencies in China at the moment and crores of people are forced to go nowhere.

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