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Indian army take an edge over Chinese forces in freezing Ladakh peaks.


Manish K Singhal

New Delhi, July 31 (HS) Taking an edge over China, the Indian Army has already deployed 35,000 soldiers on the snowy peaks of Ladakh. Meanwhile, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), having not much of such experience, started weakening in comparison to Indian forces.

Meanwhile preparations are on for a fifth round of talks between the military commanders of the two countries. Although both neighboring countries have expressed the possibility of an early resolution in face off across the Eastern Ladakh region, the Indian forces have geared up in advance to face any eventuality or advances from Chinese end.

In fact, the roadways will be closed for four months, starting from October end. So the forces are preparing in advance to raise all resources for soldiers before that.

Although the services of Air Force transport aircraft can be availed in some emergency situation, but these flights are also very time bound and have to fly out of Leh before noon.

Indian forces are guarding around 3,488-km-long stretch of Line of Actual Control (LAC) on Indo China border. India is the third largest military region in the world, with the Air Force, Navy and Army for which the government spends about 60 percent of its defense budget in giving the salary payments of nearly 1.3 million soldiers.

General (Retd.) BK Sharma, director of the Delhi-based think-tank ‘The United Service Institution of India’, said, "Unless additional forces from both sides de-escalate, there will be no retreat or unless there is any resolution from political or diplomatic end."

"Laxman Kumar Behera, a senior research associate at the Delhi-based think tank Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, said, "The additional deployment of the army in Ladakh will increase revenue pressure on capital expenditure. It would be painful if the defense budget did not increase."

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