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AIMIM staged protest against Yogi govt in unique way..


Abhishek Awasthi

Prayagraj , Sept 11 (HS) : AIMIM leaders here registered their protest with waterlogged streets in a most unique manner on Friday ahead of ‘Jumma’ namaz and reminded Yogi Government of their pre-poll promise of potholes-free roads.

Senior party leaders conducted a mock fishing in the stagnant water at the roads in question. Afsar Mahmood said that their aim was to carry out a non-violent protest against constant waterlooging. He added that BJP corporator did not pay any heed to their demands which compelled them to take this extreme protest measure.

This is not the first time when AIMIM leaders have taken to the streets in protest against the sorry state of roads and drainage. Lack of good drainage had led to water stagnation on the streets of Kareli, Gaus Nagar and adjoining areas. With the civic body and authorities failing to address their issues they were left with no other option than to indulge in bizarre forms of protest.

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