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America: 8 people dead in a boat dock fire in Alabama..


Alabama, Jan 28 (HS): 8 people died in a fire at a boat dock in Alabama, USA. According to officials, boats caught fire on Monday midnight near Scotboro Jackson County Park in the marina of the US state of Alabama. 

A dock of about 35 boats was wrecked in Alabama's Jackson County Park, killing at least eight people and leaving many missing. 

Two dead bodies have been recovered. According to the Fire Department, most of the boats in the dock were houseboats. The cause of the fire is being ascertained. Seven people jumped into the river after the fire. They have been saved.

It is being told that the number of dead can also increase. Scottsboro Fire Chief Jean Nicklaus said 7 people were missing and 7 others were taken to the hospital. The blast was reported after midnight because whoever was in the boats was sleeping.

An eyewitness said that we got up after hearing the screams of the people. When we got up we could see the fire from the windows. The entire dock caught fire in 15 to 20 minutes.

Hindusthan Samachar / Radha /Nagaraj Rao