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"Hope Parliament sends message that nation stands with soldiers": PM..


Manish K Singhal

New Delhi, Sept 14 (HS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his traditional comments before the parliament session, delivered a strong message on the China dispute at the border. "We hope parliament and all members will unitedly send the message that the nation stands with our soldiers," PM Modi said.

"Our soldiers are standing firm at the borders with a lot of courage, passion and strong resolve to protect their motherland. They are standing on difficult heights and in a few days, will weather snow. In the same manner, I am confident parliament will send a message, in one voice, that it stands firmly behind soldiers guarding our borders," said the Prime Minister.

Chinese aggression since May at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the de-facto border between the two countries, and the government's response, is expected to be raised by the opposition in the 18-day truncated monsoon session, the first to be held since the Coronavirus outbreak gripped the world.

The government is likely to make a statement in parliament on the India-China stand-off, which peaked in June when 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the line of duty in a clash with the Chinese at Galwan Valley.

The PM said until there is a vaccine, "we cannot drop our guards" and must follow virus protocol. "This parliament session being held under special circumstances. There is Corona and there is duty. MPs have chosen the path of doing their duty in COVID times," he said.

Staggered sittings of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, distancing between MPs in the house, working weekends and limited visitors will mark the session, which will continue to run till October 1. The House will have 18 sittings.

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