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PM Modi should accept deteriorating economic situation in the country: P Chidambaram.


Manish K

New Delhi,
July 30, (HS) Former Finance Minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram on
Thursday hit out at BJP led centre government on so called ‘deteriorating
economic condition’ of the country.

He asked BJP
that when it would realise that it has lacked on the financial and economic
front. “PM Modi should accept that his policies have been inefficient in
controlling the deteriorating economic situation in the country,” Chidambaram

In a series
of tweets, P Chidambaram said, “When will the BJP government acknowledge the
gravity of the deepening economic crisis in the country? When will the Prime
Minister acknowledge his failure and the failure of his economic managers?”

In another
tweet, he said, “Will the government realize that one of our major telecom
companies is on the verge of collapse and the government has no plan to save
the struggling telecom industry?”

He further
tweeted, “Will the government realize that the aviation industry has suffered
massive losses and every one of them will go the Air India way unless the
government steps in with a rescue plan?”

the BJP government on the rising number of unemployment, Chidambaram said,
“Millions have lost their jobs or livelihood in the last 12 months. The
collapse of two major industries — telecom and aviation — will cost many more
thousand direct and indirect jobs.”

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