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New Ayodhya Railway station to be a Ram Temple replica.


Darshan Kunwar

Lucknow, Aug 4 (HS) : With all roads leading to Ayodhya, even the Indian Railways has plans to modernise Ayodhya Railway station in a big way, to cater to the huge number of devotees and spiritual and religious tourists from across the globe that may visit the holy city after the construction of the upcoming Ram Temple in the next three years. 

"After the temple is completed as per its holistic design and elegant structure, it may become a world famous centre of attraction not only for religious and spiritual tourism, but also for visitors and tourists of different hues. So we thought of giving a makeover to the Ayodhya Railway station accordingly", said a senior India Railway official in Lucknow.

The Indian Railways is working on different options and models to re-design the new Ayodhya Railway station and it is most likely to be modelled on the upcoming temple replica.

Most probably, after the upcoming Ayodhya Railway station's design is finalized, it may look like a replica of planned temple in the days to come. " It may undoubtedly take a couple of years to re-model the new railway station on the expected lines", said a senior official.

However, the sole objective of the exercise will be to modernise and upgrade the station, in anticipation of the increased footfall the city will see once the temple is built in 2023-24. Once built, the station is expected to span over one lakh square feet. 

Ayodhya station is set to be built mostly in three stages, with the first stage an upgrade of the first few platforms, ticket counters and waiting rooms while the second stage will develop the exterior to look like the temple. ​ 

According sources, top Railway functionaries including Minister Piyush Goyal , hope that the first phase of the new Ayodhya Railway station will be completed by June 2021, while rest of the phases will follow with additional foot over bridges, food plazas, shops, additional toilets on the cards.

The Indian Railways is footing the bill for the upgrade, having earlier sanctioned Rs 80 crore to cover costs and subsequently raising that to Rs 104 crore.

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