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Kerala minister’s remark on Vamana triggers controversy..


Kumar Chellappan

Kochi, Sept 07 (HS) In their enthusias to keep the minority communities in good humor, both the ruling CPI(M) and the opposition Congress vied with one another in humiliating the Hindu religion which has landed them in trouble.

Minister of Finance, Thomas Isaac in his Onam greetings described Lord Mahavishnu as a traitor. “Happy Onam! We celebrate Mahabali who did not discriminate by caste or creed, not Vamana who cheated him,” Isaac wrote in his social media page. Vamana is none other than Lord Mahavishnu in whose honor Hindus celebrate Onam.

Hibi Eden, the Congress MP, made fun of Keralaites in New Delhi who  voted for AAP because of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Vamana Jayanthi greetings. “All Malayalees deserve this...for the enthusiasm they showed to vote for AAP and Kejariwal...freebies come and go but culture, history, traditions can't be distorted like this...BJP and AAP does the same when it comes to this...B team of BJP,” said Eden in his message.

There is a big temple in Kochi where the principal deity is Lord Vamana. Hindus consider it a privilege to worship at this temple on Onam day and participate in the sumptuous Onam feast.

Describing Lord Vamana as a traitor is an act of blasphemy, according to Hindu religious leaders. “Mahabali and Vamana Moorthi are two faces of the Hindu religion. Hindus make idols of Vamana Moorthi  either with clay or wood and perform poojas on it with flowers, fruits and sweets on the morning of Onam. This has been going on for thousands of years and describing Vamana Moorthi as traitor is blasphemy, insult and humiliation,” said Swamy Chidanandapuri, spiritual leader of Hindus.

In a six minute message posted on the social media, the Monk questioned the Constitutional propriety behind the words of Isaac. “He has committed impropriety by humiliating Lord Vishnu. He is not fit to be the minister in a secular society,” said the Monk who also said that the minister has humiliated the self-respect of the Hindus.

R V Babu, general secretary, Hindu United Front, an umbrella organization of all Hindu communities in the state said that they have filed criminal complaint against Isaac in most of the police stations across Kerala. “The vote bank politics has made life difficult for Hindus in the state and we need our self-respect. If we do not get justice from police stations, we will approach the courts,” said Babu.

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