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AIADMK and DMK ready to face Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu.


Kumar Chellapan

Chennai, July 30 (HS) With eight months left in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections, the discussions on the post-election scenario has begun in the state. Significantly, the electorate will elect a new House in the state in March 2021.
If we consider the result of 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu, then the assembly elections are going to be very easy for DMK and its allies. AIADMK was crushed by the DMK-led front in the April 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But many political analysts believe that the Lok Sabha and state assembly elections are fought on different issues, hence the possibility of reversal of roles cannot be ruled out.
Malan Narayanan, a noted writer, thinker and political analyst who keeps distance from all political parties, believes that the 2021 assembly elections are going to be an acid test for Chief Minister Palaniswamy.
Malan told Hindusthan Samachar, "When O Panneerselvam left with ten MLAs, he saved the party from disintegration, then when TTV Dhinakaran revolted he controlled it effectively. Though there was a perception that the DMK could bring down the AIADMK government, but Palaniswamy proved the majority in the House five times.
He said that the media and DMK portrayed Palaniswamy as a puppet in the hands of the BJP, but he showed who is the boss in Tamil Nadu when he offered just five seats to the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He win over his rivals rather than woo or counter them. The last five years have shown that he is capable of managing the crisis.
Malan said that the Palaniswamy government is doing everything possible to manage the Covid-19 pandemic. But the government's vault is empty. Although the Centre claimed that it has given Rs 6,000 crore to Tamil Nadu, but Palaniswamy says he did not get anything. If he successfully tackles the Corona virus pandemic, it will be another achievement of his.
Writer and political analyst Kolahal Srinivas said, "There is no anti-incumbency wave against the government. Palaniswamy has done well to counter the threats posed by TTV Dhinakaran and has also managed to get the party under his control. Despite the many challenges posed by the DMK-led front, he won the required number of seats in the by-election.
Srinivas said that the AIADMK government has done a good job to prevent the Covid-19 situation from deteriorating. The relief measures taken by the government have been appreciated by all the sections. Palaniswamy managed to get permission from the Centre to build 11 medical colleges in the same year, which is a rare achievement. It will not be easy for the DMK and its allies to oust this AIADMK government from power.
Veteran journalist Govindarajan Satyamurthy believes that things are not so easy for Palaniswamy. “People, especially the younger generation of Tamil Nadu are fed up with the personality oriented politics practiced by the AIADMK and DMK. Apart from this, VK Sasikala, who can be released from jail before the next election, is likely to harm AIADMK's prospects a lot,” he said.
He said that people are waiting for the next step of film actor Rajinikanth. Kamal Haasan has proved unsuccessful, but Rajinikanth may prove to be the factor that will give a new direction to Tamil Nadu politics.
Malan says that if Palaniswamy succeeds in the 2021 elections, he will be known as the Chief Minister successfully facing the most challenges in his tenure.

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