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Trump said before India Visits - I like Modi, but can't trade deal now.


Washington, Feb 19 (HS): US President Donald Trump has ruled out the possibility of a trade deal between India and the US  on his visit this time. He said that he really likes PM Modi very much, but cannot opt for commercial deals at the moment and will consider it further.

President Trump is scheduled to visit India on 24 February. During his visit, it was expected that there would be a trade agreement in both countries. Trump said, "We can do a trade deal with India, but I will make a big deal later."  

He said that he could not say anything concrete about whether such a big trade deal would be done before the US elections or not, but there could be a trade agreement moving ahead.

 US President Donald Trump is looking very keen on visiting India. Earlier, Trump told reporters at his Oval Office in Washington that he was preparing for his India tour where millions of people are ready to welcome him.

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