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TV actress Ratan Rajput return to Mumbai after four months...


New Delhi, July 10 (HS) TV actress Ratan Rajput has returned to Mumbai after nearly four months. During lockdown, she moved to her hometown Patna and also spent a month in her village. Ratan Rajput posted a video on social media sharing her journey from hometown Patna to Mumbai. In the video she can be seen bidding farewell to her family with moist eyes.

Her mother also looked emotional while seeing off her daughter. The video shows that reaching Mumbai Rajput first took stock of her car and then enter her house. She was feeling happy to see her plants in the house as she did not expect that her plants would survive for three to four months. 

Actress Ratan Rajput was stranded in her village during lockdown so she created her YouTube channel on which she posts her videos.

Hindusthan Samachar / Radha Tiwary