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US bans Chinese officials' visas for the detention of Muslims in China's Xinjiang province


Washington/New Delhi, Oct.09 (HS): The US has banned Chinese officials' visas for the detention of
Muslims in China's Xinjiang province. The US-China relationship is already
running bad due to trade war and this new step may increase the conflict
between the two countries.

According to
the US State Department, visas have been banned for Chinese officials and
leaders responsible for keeping Uyghurs Muslims in detention camps. The ban
will also apply to the visit of family members of these officers and leaders.

US Secretary
of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement saying, "The Chinese government
has campaigned against Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and members of the Muslim
minority group." 

The US demands the Republic of China to end atrocities
against Muslims in Xinjiang. 
This step
has been taken at a time when the US-China relationship is going through a very
delicate phase and this week a business delegation from Beijing is going to
arrive in Washington for talks. 

US officials said, the new sanctions and the
Commerce Department's action had nothing to do with trade negotiations.

The Trump
administration has increased pressure on the Chinese government on the issue of
atrocities on Muslims in Xinjiang province. The US estimates that one million
Muslims have been detained in China's Xinjiang province. Last month also, the
United Nations General Assembly led by the US criticized the ill-treatment of
Muslims in Xinjiang province.