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Shilpa Shetty takes life's big decision by adopting Vegetarian...


New Delhi, July 7 (HS) Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has taken a big decision in her life. She has decided to adopt a completely vegetarian life, keeping distance from non-vegetarian. The actress has shared a video of this information on Instagram. In this video, she is seen sorting vegetables in the fields with son Vian.

In the post, she wrote, "This decision was a bit difficult for me and seemed impossible. But now I have fully adopted vegetarianism. Primarily I want to reduce my carbon footprints in the environment. Ahh! My ultimate dream, to grow my own, but for now... I have something to share.

"Since I’ve shared many milestones here, this is something... that’s a very personal choice, a hard decision for me; seemed impossible at one time, but it felt like a ‘calling’ of sorts.The shift happened gradually and NOW, I have accepted “vegetarianism” completely.  Over the years, I’ve realised that cultivating livestock for food, has not only destroyed forests but also been the largest sources of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous-oxide emissions. These are majorly responsible for the climate change our planet is experiencing," she said.

"Also, following a vegetarian diet is not only beneficial for animals, but also can actually protect us from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, can improve & also reverse cardiovascular health, and some major diseases. It’s the best change for OUR health and the health of the PLANET.

"So, to give back to nature as best as I can, here’s a choice I’ve made for myself. Given my roots (Mangalorean), our diet always comprised of certain elements, meals would often feel incomplete without fish/ chicken as they became a habit, then becoming an addiction. But ever since I adopted Yoga as a way of life, I always felt incomplete. I needed to step up... 45 years into this journey of life, and I’ve finally made the switch," she declared.

"In the past, being a hardcore non-vegetarian, even my YouTube channel has a lot of non-vegetarian recipes! I WON’T be deleting any of those, as they have been shot but going forward I WILL be focusing mainly on the vegetarian recipes.

"You all are and have been my extended family & my well-wishers for so many years, hence keeping you posted, about this important step. Every CHOICE has a CONSEQUENCE, make sure you make the right one," said Shilpa, signing off.

Hindusthan Samachar / Radha Tiwary