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China extended the holiday of Lunar Year due to Coronavirus..


Hong Kong, Jan 28 (HS): The Chinese government has said that by Tuesday morning the death toll from the coronavirus has increased to 106. There are more than four thousand people from fifteen countries infected with viruses. The medical investigation of five thousand people is still on. The Chinese administration has extended the holiday of the Lunar Year by three days to limit traffic. Extensive arrangements have been made in Hong Kong to prevent this infection.

So far, five people have been found infected with the coronavirus in the US. They are being treated in hospitals. According to the latest reports, new patients have been diagnosed with the infection in Singapore and Germany, but no one has been confirmed to have died outside China yet.  

Mongolia adjoining China has closed its borders. Traffic is completely suspended in many big cities including Wuhan in China. The transition began in the middle of China from Wuhan, the largest metropolis of Hubei province. In Wuhan, a maximum of 76 people have died from this infection so far.  

Hindusthan Samachar / Radha /Nagaraj Rao