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Chief Minister Yogi greets Ram devotees before 'Bhumi Pujan'..



Lucknow, Aug 5 (HS):  Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath greeted the devotees of Lord Ram ahead of the 'Bhumi Pujan' of a grand temple in Ayodhya at a spot where devotees believe that Lord Ram was born.
The Chief Minister tweeted, "Jasu Birhan Sochahu Din Rati. Ratahu Nirantar Gun Gun Panti... Raghukul Tilak Sujan Sukhadata. Ayau Kusal Dev Muni Trata.. Dear Ram devotees, greetings to you, congratulations... Jai Shri Ram!"

The Chief Minister had earlier expressed his emotions by tweeting several quadruples one after the other on Tuesday, in which he said- "Beethi Sakal Sugandh Sinchayi. Gajamani Rachi Bahu Chowk Purayin.... Nana Bhanti Sumangal Saje. Harashi Nagar Nisan Bahu Baje".
Which means, "After the Tretayug, today the whole society is enchanted by the auspicious gesture of Lord Shri Rama's sacred greetings. Every street of Ayodhya ji is dedicated for the worship of its adorable God. Jai Shree Ram!"
In another tweet, he said, "Haat baat ghar gali athai. Kahahi Paraspar Log Logayi.. Kaali Lagan Bhali Ketik Baara. Pujihi Bidhi Abhilash Hamara..."
That is, "The joy of Lord Shri Rama's devotees, the joy of Sanatan culture and the success of five centuries of waiting, is being reflected in Dharmanagari Shri Ayodhya Ji today. Jai Siyaram!"

The ceremony is said to take place at 12:40 pm, which is the 'muhurt' for the foundation stone laying ceremony. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with CM Adityanath and 175 people who figure in a select guest list of seers and politicians will attend the ceremony.

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